Monday, 2 May 2011

W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L weekend (Part 2)

Once again, I had a great weekend..such a lovely so happy wif wut im doin today..wake up early in d morning..PERFECT!!heheh..

Everyday, Bonda will prepare bfast for 3 of usual..huu..TQ so Much Bonda!! We Love You!!
And btw, Mother's Day is juz around d corner..Wut shud i give her ya??hrmm..any idea??huu..thinkin of bring her to dinner somewhere or might b buy something for her..

So, yesterday..I went out wif one of my frens (which I noe him since matriculation) a.k.a MR. A..we didn't plan the beginning, we dunno where to we decide to go PD.. (^_^)

Otw to PD, we stop by at JUSCO Seremban 2..thinkin of havin lunch & watch movie there..but unfortunately..d movie dat we want to watch,FULLHOUSE!!sighh..Fast & Furious 5..too many people & crowded..damn!! I'm so frustrated!!
Then we went out from we walk around that area & finally i attracted wif one of d saloon in Seremban 2..hahaha..Cutting Edge Coiffure Saloon..i decided to cut my hair more shorter..take a look d outcome..huhuhu wut do u think?? frankly speaking, I'm kinda regret once they finish cut my hair..bcoz it takes a long time for me to hav dat long hair act..huhuhuh..I dunno why I make a decision to cut my hair more shorter..but from d feedback I received from my frens..I'm happy wif my new makes me look more younger(I think)..ahaks! Thanks All for your support!!

Once I finish wif dat saloon thingy, finally we went to PD..yeahhh!! wif my new haircut, I feel like more comfortable & confidence wif myself..huhuhuh..PD here we come!!

So, we "jalan2 & makan2" at PD..I really had fun & enjoy d moment while i was there..Thanks MR. A for bring me here.. (^_^)

I feel much better once I reach there..its true that 'the voice of the sea speaks to the soul, the touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace - quote by Kate Chopin'..

I think dats all for today..its almost 3am now..huhuh..time to sleep guys..

See u again!!

Happy Holiday!!