Wednesday, 7 December 2011


it's been a while i didn't update my blog..huhu..been bz wif work until i got no time to write something in here..
or i've been bz wif other things??haha

my life was GREAT..totally great~!! i'm so happy wif my life now.. Thanks Allah for gave me this feeling..Alhamdulillah, i feel much better now. ;)

Act, there are so many things i wanna share here..but it's really take time for me to write in here..huhu..enough for u guys to know that i'm so HAPPY now.. ^_^

What makes i wanna write something today..bcoz of i've been confused wif myself..seems like i don't know which one is more important now..either WORK or LOVE life..hrmmm..i try to figure out..that's why i made decision to write in here so that who knows i will get the answer after i share..haha

For me, in order to make myself happy, i have to make my life INTERESTING..that's what i'm doin now..when i'm happy wif myself..seems like everythings is PERFECT~!! Alhamdulillah..May Allah bless me always..

I wish i can show to u guys how happy i am now..and i wish i can share my hapiness.. ;) Amin.

Maybe, that's enough for today. will update u guys soon~!!

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~Hyun Ae~