Thursday, 9 February 2012

P.E.N.A.N.G part I

PENANG was great~!! Last minute plan of holiday..but it was AWESOME!! hahaha

Last Friday, I was hang out wif my frens at Chilis, Empire Subang. So suddenly we were thinking of goin to holiday somewhere as we got no plan for that weekend. Accidentally, that weekend we have a long public holiday due to Maulidur Rasul & Thaipussam. Huhu. That's GREAT aite?!

So, we decided went to PENANG for that weekend, spend our time & everything without make any reservation at any hotel or something. Hahaha.. CRAZY isn't it?!

Saturday morning, we take off about 11am from Shah Alam heading to PENANG. All the way from Shah Alam, traffic was very slow moving at PLUS highway as most people from KL heading to north because of that public holiday. So, we reach Butterworth by 5pm. Hehe.. Straight away to Ferry Terminal. Woot Woot~!!

Then finally we reach at PENANG. Yeahhhhh!! We're so damn EXCITED that time. Straight away looking for hotel as we not making any reservation earlier. Like normal during PEAK hour plus PUBLIC HOLIDAY some more, it's hard for us to get a room to stay earlier. We went to the hotels in Batu Feringgi, to find any available room for us. And again like usual, last minute plan..Luckily, we managed to get a rooms for us at Golden Sands Resort. Huhhh~! was RM770 per night. Damn EXPENSIVE!! Haiyaaa.. but frankly speaking, this resort was AWESOME!! Trust Me~ No Regret~ ^_^ I like everything about it, especially the view. Take a look guys..

Hehe..NICE aite?! without think anything we straight away check in at this resort. Yeahhhhh~!

Wanna know what our next activity?! Hehe..

To Be Continue later.. Check it out~!

♥ xoxo ♥

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