Sunday, 24 April 2011


I love kids!! Those kids can make me laugh & smile the whole day. Luckily i have 7 siblings. And most of them married already (except me). hahah.. Which i have 8 nephews & 10 nieces. Coming soon gonna have another niece which my sis will deliver on June by this year..Yeahhh.. So, total will be19 lorr..(1 big happy family) heheh.. I love them all damn much!!

Most of the time, I will spend my time with Bilqish bcoz she's the nearest & always come to Bonda's crib.

See, look what she's done to me??hahah..very active kid @ hyper active..which i had a lots of fun while i'm with her..huhuh

But I miss Echa (my bro's daughter) so much!! she's in JB now..cant wait for her to come back here this upcoming May..when I look at her..she's remind of myself when i was in her age..huhu..

Fyi, she's also active like bilqish. hahah.. So damn cute, aite?? (^_^)

Besides my families, I do spend time with other kids which I admire the most..Rissa..(uncle's daughter-one of my colleagues) heheh..such a cute girl & hyper active too!! hahah..we had a lunch together yesterday at Lesung Batu Cafe. She loves to drink milo & only eat rice with soup. Good girl!!

keep it up sweetie!!

It's nice when u have such a lovely daughter/son/niece/nephew @ KIDDO. They really make me happy & enjoy all the time. Love u KIDDO!! mmuah,mmuah,mmuah!!

And that's all from me. I think that's enough for today..huhuh

See you guys again!!


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