Sunday, 24 April 2011

W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L weekend

i've been working 5 days a, during my workdays I feel so stress bcoz there's a lot of pressure in my workplace..but it doesnt mean i'm not happy with my work..i'm really happy act because i have a great colleagues in office which we can laugh & spend most of the time together while we are we can release our stress in the office..eventhough we had a  lots of work to do but we manage to arrange our time during working hours..that's why i love my job nw! i'm not even thinking to find other job at this moment..huu

so besides that, i'll b waiting 4 my weekend so I can spend it with memorable & enjoyable activities..huu..i had lots of fun during my weekend..i will wake up early in the morning then i had a bfast with my lovely parents..usually Bonda will prepare bfast for three of us..I Love Her So Much!! Thanks for the lovely meal u made for us..

Yesterday, I went to Bkt Cerakah with my old friend (we know each other since 7 years ago). We plan to cycling that day. So we reach there around 9am. We had a great time together!

After that, we went to Sport Centre. Next activity!! we reach there almost 11am..for sure my body will burn if i swim within this hour but I dont care! As long i have a fit body (that's my target now) hahah..

So, I think that's all for my yesterday will be continue later..hehee..wait for me ya!!

Have a nice weekend guys!!


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